Any and all forms of support are greatly appreciated…

Thanks in advance!

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The more folks that know what I’m about and what I’m doing, the more word will spread and the more opportunities I’ll have to do cool stuff. So please feel free to share with your friends and family and colleagues and mailpersons and that nice cashier at Target you see now and again… and whoever else you think might be interested… in real life and online. Sharing posts and events on social media is a huge help because its such a major part of how a lot of folks connect and socialize these days. Another way to help out here, if it feels right, is to write up a review on Facebook or email me a testimonial to put up on the website. So yeah, share away and thanks for your support!


If you know of a studio, center, or organization that might be interested in collaborating or hosting an event or talk, let them know about me and say nice things :) Most of the talks and events I’ll be doing across the country will be donation-based so money/price/cost shouldn’t be something that holds us back from making awesome stuff happen. If they’re interested, they can email me or use the contact page here on the website. Thanks!


Financial support is always appreciated because money can be used in lots of different ways and there’s just some stuff that only money will take care of (So far the gas stations aren’t letting me pay in hugs or words of wisdom). You can click this link to contribute monetarily. Thank you for your generosity.


I gotta eat. No other way around it. I’m not talking fine dining here. Just healthy deliciousness to sustain my meatsuit. I’m always grateful for fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, and other food stuffs that can fill my belly. This probably only applies if I’m in your neck of the woods though… unless you can figure out how to UPS eggs. Is that a thing? Anyhoo, thanks in advance!


You might have cooler ideas or stuff I haven’t thought of. Bring ‘em :) Anything that helps support this adventure is greatly appreciated. Thanks!