helping folks remember

okay, so the idea here is pretty simple…

we are what we’ve been looking for.

that’s it.

the only catch…

we’re really good at forgetting this.


 the issue: chronic forgetfulness

most, if not all, of our struggles are related to our quest to become happy and whole. part of the reason we struggle is because we’re looking outside ourselves for this answer. we look everywhere but can’t seem to find that missing something… or we find it but can’t seem to keep it or hold on to it long enough. is this because we’re not doing something right? because we’re flawed or broken or a lost cause? no silly, its not that serious. mostly its because we don’t understand ourselves and how life works.

the reason why we struggle so much is that these attempts to get better or happy are a fool’s errand. we simply can’t fix what ain’t broke. essentially, all our attempts to get happy or whole that are focused outward on acquiring things are futile. whether it be a car or a job or a house or a spouse, all our efforts will ultimately fail because of a wonderful truth… we’re already whole!

this is what we’re so good at forgetting… that we’re already enough. that we’re already perfectly loveable and beautifully unique exactly as we are and that we don’t need to change or become something else... but that’s not the message we’ve been getting most of our lives. we’ve gotten a lot of help to become so good at forgetting how awesome we are. society helps us to forget. family helps us to forget. friends help us to forget. really, there ain’t much these days that doesn’t help us forget… and this is why we spend so much time and energy and effort running in circles trying to find that imaginary “magical” thing that will make everything ok.

but don’t worry…

there’s a way out of these shenanigans.

bridal 1.jpg

the antidote: remembering

so the way out of this pickle isn’t to get all the shiny things or recreate ourselves or fix ourselves or become something new... its way simpler than any of that. the way out is the way in. its to settle back into a remembrance of who and what we really are. before we got so good at forgetting. less is way more.

as we begin to reinvest our energies and efforts in this process of remembering, we begin to see through the stories and beliefs that we’ve learned about ourselves and the world. as this seeing deepens, there’s a natural shedding and release that occurs. and as this sometimes-challenging-but-always-beautiful process unfolds, we are gradually reintroduced to ourselves… we gradually remember ourselves… and the spell of forgetfulness is broken!

so the question is…

are you ready to start remembering?